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ice diving, peanut butter binge, and the arc trainer March 21, 2012


I hope you are all doing well.

I am told that it is getting nice and warm… somewhere… hehe. The snow is beginning to melt off the roads at least!

Guess what I go to try recently?

ICE DIVING! Awesome! Being submerged under four feet of ice gives one a serious reminder of how precious and fragile our lives are. It was certainly an intense experience.

The water was not nearly as clear as in this photo and the underwater hue was brown/ yellow as we were diving in a lake.

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Sadly, this is not me. We were out on the lake diving to help film a television show and I am not allowed to post any photos of the filming or methods. Sorry! I can share this with you, however.

Me before ice diving. I’m in my car to warm up as I was surface support the majority of the day and it got chilly!

Me after ice diving. My hair is actually frozen in that style! It’s certainly not the most attractive photo of me, but all divers can empathize with the post-dive glamour!

Being outside on a frozen lake for an entire day was incredible. ┬áSometimes when it is cold out, we tend to hunker down inside and forget just how rejuvenating being outdoors can be. Even just going for a walk at -40F can really lighten your mood- that is if you’re dressed properly!

Thanks for all of the comments about my juice fast and new diet! It’s going really well.

While my digestion has been doing much better, my skin is super dry! Eating the proper fats does wonders for hydrating the skin and now my body is clearly not receiving enough of those. I’ve been putting almond oil on my skin once or twice a day to try and compensate for this and it is certainly helping, but is not near as effective as eating the fats. I’ve also started putting about a teaspoon of hemp seeds in my morning smoothies to give my body a teensy bit of good fat and I seem to be digesting it just fine. I’ve started adding a bit of oats to my smoothies as well. Low-fat smoothies just weren’t working to keep me full and I don’t always have something on hand to eat with the smoothie, so I needed another alternative. Adding a tablespoon or two of oats has done the trick, making for a tasting, filling smoothie with staying power.

Another way I am helping my skin is with a DHA supplement. I’ve always taken a DHA supplement since for as long as I can remember I have eaten little or no meat; however, I stopped taking my supplements when I began my juice fast and have yet to reintroduce them all. Before today I had resumed taking my multi, vitamin D (If you live in Fairbanks, you’ve gotta take a vitamin D supplement!), and magnesium/ calcium (to help with period cramps- I’ll let you know if it works!) supplements with no problems. I’ve been a little scared to resume my DHA supplement, but it’s gotta happen eventually. I took one a few hours ago and so far, so good! Woo!

I had a serious moment of weakness last night and ate about 4 tablespoons of peanut butter… ummm…

When I woke up this morning, I had a little cystic acne eruption on my nose and two cysts on my back and have been super gassy all day. Too much information?

I know, I know, I should have known better than to eat that, I normally don’t even eat peanut butter, but I still struggle with hormonal/ emotional eating and it was like National Geographic when they drop a bloody fish into shark infested waters.

In summation 4 tablespoons of peanut butter is NOT conducive to the health of my skin, digestion, or air quality. (Ha! Sorry… but not as sorry as my co-workers probably were! HAHAHA Okay, I’ll stop… ) I am surprised, though, that one incident affected my skin so dramatically. I’ll need to remember this the next time my HB’s peanut butter is staring me in the face.

Speaking of feeling hormonal, especially around certain times of the month… (Which explains the peanut butter feast…) I always get grumpy, crampy, and lethargic and have no desire to go to the gym, but you know what makes me feel better? Going to the gym!

I was just not feeling it today, but knowing that it would make me feel less bloated and grumpy, I dragged my butt there. As you know, I have recently became slightly obsessed with the stepmill; however, just thinking about it today made me want to curl up in my bed so I settled for something that I find considerably less intense, but still sweat inducing, the arc trainer.

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This piece of equipment doesn’t make my muscles burn like the stepmill, running, or biking, but it manages to get my heart rate up without making me feel like I’m exerting a ton of energy. For me at least, it’s the perfect piece of cardio equipment for when I don’t feel like being at the gym, but still want to be in the habit of exercising.

Do you have a ‘lazy day’ exercise routine? How do you keep your skin nourished?

Until next time,



10 Responses to “ice diving, peanut butter binge, and the arc trainer”

  1. Hilary Says:

    My lazy day routine is swimming. I can take it easy, but my body is still moving and muscles are still working. It’s also great for when I have sore muscles! Plus, I can pick up the intensity for short bursts to get the heart rate up without having too much motivation. All my sprinting buddies hate it when I say this, but anyone can sprint ;-)

  2. Kathy Says:

    Again, I enjoyed your blog!! Does this mean you are going to be a tv star?!!
    That would be cool! Just one more thing to add to your list!
    The arc trainer looks fun. Looks alot like an eliptical. I’m proud of you, keep moving!! Love ya

  3. Lisa Says:

    Ok, so I do like the arc trainer….but my fave cardio machine is the AMT…that thing makes me feel like a gazelle–it’s like Arc, but it lets you pick your range of motion, so it can be like a stairclimber or like an all out full stride run. I love it because I can make it easy or hard.
    Anyway, the food thing is really interesting—and also the exercise/period thing. I had a group of clients who signed up for boot camp for 9 months, and the number one reason for continuing (aside from feeling good all the time) was lack of PMS!
    I know that I can definitely negatively impact my skin in a matter of (practically) minutes…especially with nuts and nut butter. Too many Omega-6!!
    My go-to splurge for the crazy-time-cravings is coconut cream—feels indulgent, but doesn’t kill my skin.

    • chenaraw Says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to test out some coconut cream and see how my bod responds. :) This is the first I’m hearing about AMT’s. I checked them out and they look super fun… and maybe like something you’d use to train for a space mission as the foot placement is suspended in the air. :p

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I live in Anchorage , hey neighbor . I believe it is important to keep snacks around so you don’t binge on stuff. Peanut butter freaks me out i stay away from it like the plague super high mold content. I made a raw fudge with sunflower seeds carob powder and dates it was delicious/ I eat sushi a lot with sunflower seed pate i tent to stay away from nuts. This winter is the worst lots of emotions are rising for you to release them and set them free.

    • chenaraw Says:

      Hi! I have yet to experiment with carob powder, but it is next on my list of things to try. I’ve had a raw cake made with carob powder, dates, and coconut with an avocado catob frosting and it was awesome! Have you ever had carob in smoothies? I’m curious how that would taste. I know what you mean about winter. The sun was shining yesterday and it was so exciting that I couldn’t help but to burst into a fit of giggles!

      • Stephanie Says:

        I do put carob and cacao(helps with my depression does not give me a high like some people) in smoothies but there was a lot of trial and error to get the stevia to taste good with it. I only use stevia or dried fruit for sweetener. I am a survivor of cystic acne long road, living a raw food lifestyle was the only thing that turned the page.I swea by coco butter stick can find at fred meyer in the ethnic section and she butter in the winter. Also at nite coconut oil with cayenne can do wonders for our face don’t touch your eyes

      • chenaraw Says:

        Great! Thank you for all the suggestions, Stephanie!

  5. You are a brave woman. I’m too claustrophobic to go ice diving … okay, so I can’t handle the cold either. So funny how your hair froze that way. Too cute.

    Glad to hear your digestion is better, except for the PB incident. Remind yourself of it the next time you crave it :-)

  6. Looks like so much fun!

    It’s amazing how one food can have such an immediate impact on our bodies… often showing on the skin. Peanut butter doesn’t agree with me either. I had always had good skin until I began eating peanut butter almost daily a few years ago. My face was covered in red spots… a naturopath alerted me to the fact that i shouldn’t eat peanuts and as soon as I cut in out I saw a big difference.

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